Smart Safe Integration for Dispensing and Access Control

LogButler’s affordable and user friendly Smart Safes and Lockers are powered by our industry-leading compliance technology, providing users with a digital logbook, user access control, and insightful, proprietary reporting. Training and implementation takes just hours to complete. Enjoy transparent pricing with no contracts or hidden fees, all at a fraction of the cost of comparable solutions on the market.

LogButler Smart Safes: Advanced Hardware for Superior DEA Compliance and Inventory Control

We provide affordable, high-performance, digital DEA inventory management solutions tailored for all types of users.


Looking for something cost-effective, user-friendly, and robust for DEA compliance, controlled drug inventory management, diversion reduction, and revenue capture? LogButler can help you transform your facility’s operations.

  • Deploy LogButler Smart Safes in key areas, wherever your controlled medications are kept or used
  • Establish end-to-end accountability from inventory check in, to usage, to reconciliation
  • Activities are tracked and aligned to logbook transactions
  • Inventory access is physically controlled with user permissions that you can manage as an admin
  • Encourage good behaviors and reduce diversion or missed charges by requiring signatures for access to drugs

Value oriented, powerful Smart Safes and Lockers with monthly fees that scale down as you deploy and grow

LogButler Smart Safes are reliable and secure (bolt down) units that will hold the most common containers used by your practice (11″ depth X 13″ width X 9.5″ height). They come integrated with LogButler compliance platform, so start leveraging our best-in-class logging and reporting software. Controlled drug dispensing and record keeping can be affordable and powerful with LogButler.
For those who want a solution adaptable to existing safes and locks in place at your hospital, our Smart Key Locker is the perfect solution. Built to handle the the elements and damage, keep your keys within and manage access within LogButler compliance platform with the same powerful tools as the Smart Safe.

LogButler Digital Logbook Platform: Best-in-class logging, inventory tracking, and reporting, recommended by leading DEA experts

  • Logging and reconciliation digital workflow that simplifies your tracking process
  • State-of-the-art reporting with continuously updated new insightful reports
  • Powerful user management, permissions, and reporting for site and multisite admins to help make compliance better and more efficient
  • Help drive change management by providing all your users with the best tools and reporting to align on performance and goals
  • Simple to deploy cloud software + hardware solution that continues to improve over time with the latest and greatest
LogButler: Innovating and leading the way in affordable, user friendly, DEA compliance and inventory management software and hardware solutions.

Choosing between a dispensing machine or
LogButler Integrated Safes?

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Up to this point, automated dispensing machines for healthcare practices have been out of reach for the vast majority. The cost to acquire and operate them can be in the thousands of dollars per month for subscriptions and hardware. Not to mention staff training and ongoing maintenance, and high rental fees significantly impact EBITDA margins, which many hospitals look to as a key financial metric.

LogButler Integrated Smart Safes and Lockers are designed to be affordable for large hospitals and smaller practices. Our low monthly fee that covers both the hardware and software makes the decision for you easy and straightforward. We will never lock you into a contract, and your hardware is affordable and yours to own. No hidden fees or surprise, with month to month terms.

Efficiency and Flexibility

Electronic dispensing cabinets, with complex moving parts and limitations to the user interface, can impede the workflow of a high performing hospital. The size + cost means compromising on where you place your critical inventory. We’ve all heard stories of these large expensive machines stored in hospitals unused, while still being on the hook for the multi-year contract.
LogButler Smart Safes and Lockers are designed to fit in where they are needed. Efficient form factors are big enough for storing many containers of even the largest standard controlled drug bottles. The pricing and size means you can put your controlled drugs and high value inventory where you see fit. Bolt your safes against walls and floors to secure them from movement.


Controlled drug logging is a key component of the inventory control process. But often when there are mistakes or changes made, the updates do not correctly reflect in the records, and reconciliation for container balances can be wildly off. This can be a significant point of risk for audits. User access management can also be difficult.
LogButler Smart Safes and Lockers leverage best-in-class user access control, detailed and powerful record keeping and reporting, which together drive better outcomes and greater accountability. Users can save time by quickly unlocking and logging controlled medications in one smooth workflow. Time savings with improved inventory management outcomes is possible with LogButler.

Corporate and Multi-site Support

When it comes to DEA compliance and the safety and security of managing your controlled drugs across sites and clinics, existing solutions are not the right fit for the modern day operating team. Data is stuck in sites and antiquated integrations make it difficult for your compliance and risk team to get a single pane view of your controlled drug risk profile at any given time.
LogButler’s Control Portal provides administrative oversight and management of access to any of your sites logbooks and safes at all times. Manage by individual locations, operating groups of sites, and provision and remove access and permissions remotely. Run ad hoc or scheduled reports that continue to improve with new releases, helping your compliance team, field operations, and local leadership identify hotspots, monitor compliance health, and facilitate improvement plans.