Smart and Affordable All-in-One Solution for DEA Controlled Drug Logging, Reporting, and Inventory Control

Managing controlled medications should take minutes not hours. WIth LogButler, it’s never been easier or more affordable.

  • Best-in-class DEA logging and reporting
  • State compliance with 1-click PDMP reporting
  • Intuitive user access management
  • Integrated Smart Safes provide control, oversight, and chain of custody for controlled medications
  • Industry leading corporate management portal with reporting and analytics, and powerful multi-site management capabilities
Your All-in-One Solution for DEA Controlled Drug Logging, Reporting, and Inventory Control

Digital Controlled Drug
DEA Logbook

DEA digital logbook

LogButler Digital Logbooks simplify DEA and state compliance with intuitive logging, reconciliation, and reporting. Ensure controlled medications and narcotics are tracked and accounted for. Available with Smart Safes and as standalone. Learn More

Smart Safes and Lockers

locker for controlled drugs

Affordable and reliable. Buy once and own forever, with best-in-class digital logbooks, user access control, and reporting, all powered by LogButler. Quick setup, no contracts, and more affordable than any competing solutions. Learn More

Corporate / Multi-site Management Portal

corporate management for controlled substances

Corporate control panel streamlines workflow for busy operators, simplifying administrative efforts. Manage and organize locations and user access, with advanced reporting to efficiently monitor, maintain, and improve on compliance. 

No contracts! No hidden payments!
Affordable and flexible controlled substances solution for hospitals of any type and scale!

Passing your DEA audit is crucial for healthcare facilities managing narcotics and controlled drugs. Failures significant enough can lead to severe consequences like fines, loss of licensing, and reputational damage. Traditional methods like paper usage and inventory logs for controlled medications management are time-intensive due to the extensive manual processes, and prone to errors. Implementing an automated, comprehensive system like LogButler helps facilities streamline processes, improving on compliance and reducing the risk associated with DEA audits when properly implemented and used.
LogButler’s comprehensive DEA logging and accounting process helps hospitals create a perpetual inventory for controlled medications. This cuts costs and boosts efficiency by minimizing diversion while providing insights for optimizing inventory levels. With LogButler, affordable and real time inventory usage tracking can be yours, not just for managing controlled drugs, but any that require that extra touch of oversight.

Quickly deploy and transform your compliance with a few hours of training over a 7 day period. No long term contracts, no significant upfront commitments. Risk-free with first month of subscription free.

  • Our team of customer success experts have onboarded and trained thousands of healthcare professionals
  • Our robust training process, coupled with extensive educational materials, and a helpful service desk, will resolve your questions and issues usually same or next business day via email, or live via scheduled chats
  • Start logging and managing controlled inventory within weeks or days of signing up

So You’re Wondering…

”Does LogButler Fit My Clinic or Hospital?”

LogButler is designed by a team with over 35 years of combined healthcare operational experience. LogButler focuses on providing exceptional and affordable solutions for controlled drug compliance and inventory management. We serve most specialties and operational environments, because the most important thing is staying compliant, and maintaining safety and oversight of your controlled drug inventory. This is a universal challenge for anyone administering or dispensing controlled medications.
  • Emergency and Urgent Care Practices
  • Recovery Centers
  • Longterm Care
  • Independent Hospitals
  • Sleep Centers
  • Pharmacies
  • Ambulatory Surgery Centers
  • End of Life / Palliative Care
  • Preclinical R&D
  • Hormone Treatment Centers

Many more … wherever controlled medication is used or dispensed

Streamlined DEA Compliance and Security

LogButler offers a robust solution for securing and managing controlled medications, ensuring compliance with DEA regulations and preventing diversion. LogButler’s Digital Logbook Powered Smart Safes are designed to replace costly and cumbersome dispensing cabinets with a streamlined, cost-effective solution that doesn’t compromise on security or functionality. Meant for independent clinics as well as corporations and multi-site operators, LogButler simplifies compliance with advanced administrative and reporting tools that scale up operational efficiencies.

Reliable and Effective Controlled Drug Inventory Management

Trusted by thousands of daily users, LogButler Smart Safes and Lockers help our users ensure their controlled and high-value medications are closely monitored and tracked. This vigilant digital inventory management system not only protects against unauthorized access but also provides a comprehensive audit trail. The ease of integration into your existing workflows means that you can quickly gain administrative oversight and control for your controlled medications within the hospital or across multiple locations, all the while ensuring a seamless experience for your staff.

Affordable and Convenient

Learn more about how LogButler can transform your controlled drug compliance processes by making things straightforward and affordable. Competitive pricing that is significantly more affordable than any alternative solutions in the market today. LogButler is positioned as the value leader for healthcare providers looking to enhance compliance, security, and efficiency. Contact us today to discuss and learn how LogButler can meet your specific needs. Our knowledgeable sales and education team members are your perfect thought partners.